Sandy Greninger- FYCC Director
Paula Adamski – FYCC Supervisor
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 93
Albertville, MN 55301
Physical Address
5975 Main Avenue NE
Albertville, MN 55301
Phone:(763) 496-6820
Fax: (763) 497- 3210
Email Address: FYCCinformation@gmail.com
F = Family Y = Youth C = Community C = Connections

FYCC is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization that promotes healthy family, healthy youth, and healthy communities. Our belief is that if we can keep our families healthy, our children will be healthier and our quickly growing communities will stay healthier. We provide safe social outlets for children and families in the St. Michael—Albertville area.

Family Youth Community Connections (FYCC) supplies scholarships to children from low income families to participate in programs throughout the year. Families may also use these scholarships to participate in family nights and family activities held by FYCC.
Refund Policy: As a standard practice FYCC does not provide refunds.
Privacy Policy – (doc – 24Kb)
Frequently Asked Questions
1. I’ve taken activities with you before. Do I already have an account?
You may. If you have registered on our website at myfycc.com then you do have an account and you can access that under the “My Account” menu item. If you have not registered on our new website yet, you can do so by going to “”Register” under “My Account”, or click here to access the registration page.
2. How do I set up a new account?
Select the “My Account” tab at the top of the page and then select “Register” and fill in all of the requested information.
3. What is my password?
Click the “Forgotten password?’ prompt on “Login” page which can be found under “My Account”. This will send an email to you with your login information.
4. Can I change my password?
Yes, once you’ve logged in, go to “View Profile” under “My Account”.
5. How do I register for an activity(s)?
Find the activity you wish to register for via the calendar or event list. If you are not already logged in, log in at the top of the registration form. Fill out the information required on the registration page and submit your payment. A confirmation message and receipt will appear when the registration is complete.
6. How do I pay if I don’t want to use a credit card?
Full payment by credit card is the only option available for this website. Payments by check must be made by mail.
7. How do I see what activities I am registered for?
Once you login to the system, under “My Account”, go to “My Events“.
8. Do I have to log in every time I want to register?
You can view the Register for Upcoming Events catalog without logging in, however, you will want to login to register for a activity so the information is saved under your profile. Once logged in, you may complete as many registrations as you’d like without logging in again.
9. I’m concerned about submitting a Credit Card over the Internet. How do I know your site is secure?
We use the latest Department of Defense SSL technology to ensure that all personal information you submit is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone other than you and FYCC.
Some of the pages within your site indicate they are non-secure. What does this mean?
There are a few places in the site where you will be redirected from a secure page to a non-secure page. These are pages that do not contain any personal or secure information. When you see a pop-up window asking if you wish to view the non-secure site, click ‘yes’.
10. What does “Your session has expired…” mean?
If you leave your browser unattended for a period of time, your session will expire. This means that the system has automatically logged you out of the site. This is done for security purposes. Simply log into the site again and proceed.
11. I’ve tried to register for a activity, but get an error message that my registration cannot be processed, even though I know my credit card is good. Why is this?
There are many security features that are put in place when processing credit cards through the Internet. If you get an error message, please check the following:
Review the credit card number and expiration date you’ve entered to be sure they are an exact match to your card.
One of the security measures in place ensures that all the identifying information you’ve submitted to FYCC matches the identifying information your credit card company has on file for you. If name, address, city, and/or zip code do not match, you will receive a message that your credit card cannot be processed, and subsequently, your registration will not be processed. Review your Account Profile, update any necessary changes, and submit your registration again.
Be sure the type of credit card you are entering is a type accepted by our office. Visa MasterCard and Discover are the only cards currently accepted.
If your Account Profile includes an email address, be sure you have entered a complete email with the ‘@’ symbol, and ending in ‘.com’, ‘.net’, etc.

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